Melbourne 2006

The St Kilda district in Melbourne saw the Australian Knitting Mills transformed into another unique Academy space, complete with rooftop terrace, threaded harp staircases and a lounge overlooking the suspended metro line as it weaved through Victoria. Design consultants Moth, alongside Chris More, helped the Academy emerge from its chrysalis into three floors of studio suites, recording rooms, interactive spaces and mixed metaphors. Curators David Hagger, Kano Hollamby and Alex Mitchell combined a mixture of installations and street art symbolism to set the tone for our musical guests.

Joining us on the couch were a slew of music iconoclasts – among them Skream, The Mizell Brothers, Maurice Fulton, Just Blaze, Peter Hook, Fabio, Chez Damier, Wally Badarou, Arthur Verocai and Mike Paradinas – all offering insights into their modi operandi and studio mindsets. Outside of the old Knitting Mill however, Melbourne turned out in full force for some one-off concerts, like the Collideascope special, where the Academy took over the full Espy complex, as Joe Bataan performed with a full live Academy band alongside Aloe Blacc, while Alex Smoke, Greg Wilson, Radio Slave, Steve Spacek and Benji B teleported dancers into the middle of the dance floor. From golden ticket booths and penny whistle orchestras, to rooftop barbecues and disused car parks, no matter where we went, Melbourne did it right.