The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape.


Two groups of 30 selected participants – producers, vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists and all-round musical mavericks from around the world – come together in a new city each year for two weeks worth of recording sessions, lectures by musical luminaries, collaborations and performances in the city’s best clubs and music halls. If you can imagine a place that’s equal parts science lab, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Kraftwerk’s home studio, you’re halfway there.

The Academy began back in 1998, and has been traversing the globe since: from Berlin to Cape Town, São Paulo, Barcelona, London, Toronto, New York and beyond. From October 12 to November 14, 2014, the Academy is being held in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to the yearly event, the Academy does a number of other things: We have an online radio station, RBMA Radio, where you can tune into literally thousands of interviews, mixes, feature documentaries, artist-curated playlists, and live recordings from some of the best festivals and clubs in the world. We publish an online magazine that documents the untold stories of the music - new and old - that inspires us.

We also pop up for club nights, concerts, radio broadcasts, workshops and curated stages at top-flight festivals around the globe like Sónar, Mutek, Movement and Montreux Jazz. Further, we hold local workshop sessions in disparate localels, ranging from one-day lecture events to full-fledged mini-Academies over multiple days. Head to our events page to keep an eye on what's in store next.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get the application?

Sorry, applications for the Red Bull Music Academy 2014 in Tokyo are currently closed. We'll be announcing when the application phase for the next Academy begins early 2015.


When and where is the 2014 Academy?

The Academy will be setting up shop in Tokyo, Japan for five weeks, from October 12 through November 14, 2014. There are two terms during the Academy, each with 30 selected participants. The first term runs from October 12th to the 24th, while the second term is from November 2nd to the 14th.


What does a day at the Academy look like?

While there is really no such thing as a ‘typical’ day at the Academy, there are a few regular happenings. Each day, two iconic guests settle on our infamous lecture couch to spill the beans on production topics, music history and personal stories – and to answer all those questions you never found the right moment to ask. From Erykah Badu to Philip Glass, Q-Tip to James Murphy, Brian Eno to Mannie Fresh, this is where you get music wisdom straight from the horse’s mouth. You can watch hundreds of lecture sessions in our video archive.

In between lectures, you will have the chance to collaborate with other participants from all around the world in ten custom-built studios featuring an array of synths, drum machines, workstations and live instruments. You can listen to some of the music that has been created at previous editions of the Red Bull Music Academy here.

At night, the Academy opens up to the host city with special signature concerts and club events. This is your chance to dive deep into the local music scene – and hit the stage with some of those who have shaped today’s music. The result is an exchange of inspiration that is as unpredictable as it is hard to define. Ideas are bounced around 24/7, refreshing new sounds emerge and true bonds are forged beyond music.



Who is behind the Red Bull Music Academy?

The people who have been running the Academy for the last 15 years are committed music lovers just like you. They're journalists whose love for music led them to feature writing instead of navel gazing. Label heads who started putting out music to further their home town scenes. People who hail from different points on the globe, but all honour and respect the spectrum.

The Red Bull Music Academy is not a sponsored event, but a long-term music initiative, committed to fostering creative exchange amongst those who have made and continue to make a difference in the world of sound. Local Red Bull Music Academy representatives are available to answer any of your questions, and will also take care of your travel logistics if you're invited. Find a list of contacts here.