Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Bucharest 2014

With the Red Bull Music Academy application phase to Tokyo nearing an end, we're setting out for a three day musical takeover of Romania's capital. From March 13th to 15th, the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Bucharest will establish a creative environment, featuring some of the most buzzed about creative names in music. Twenty handpicked participants from all over Romania will be put through their paces by local and international creative pioneers through lectures and workshops designed to push their creative boundaries and tastes.

On Thursday, March 13th the Bass Camp will kick off at The Ark with an open lecture with the infamous Romanian psych rock outfit Rodion G.A. starting at 6pm, followed by free showcases by the evening lecturer Rodion G.A., alongside local Academy graduates Adda Kaleh and Minus. The following day will start off with another open lecture at the Ark. Please welcome Russia' finest, Academy grad Nina Kraviz, for a lecture session at 6pm. She'll later grace the decks at Kristal Glam Club, alongside Rekids mastermind Radio Slave and fellow Academy grad Cosmin TRG. Finally, Saturday will see a closed lecture by Warp's Clark in the evening, before he'll be performing alongside electronic experimentalist The Haxan Cloak, Hyperdub's Laurel Halo and Scando-Romanian adventurer Vlad Caia at Control Club, starting at 11pm. For additional info watch this space.


Thursday, 13th March:

18:00 RBMA Session w/ Rodion G.A.
22:00 RBMA Night w/ Rodion G.A., Adda Kaleh, Minus, ViLLΛGE
The Ark, 150 Uranus Street; free entrance

Friday, 14th March:

18:00 RBMA Session w/ Nina Kraviz
The Ark, 150 Uranus Street; free entrance
23:00 RBMA Night w/ Lauvon, Radio Slave, Nina Kraviz, Cosmin TRG
Kristal Glam Club, 34 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard; 20 lei < 00:00 > 30 lei

Saturday, 15th March:

23:00 RBMA Night w/ Clark, Haxan Cloak, Laurel Halo, Vlad Caia, Garten
Control Club, 4 C-tin Mille Street; 30 lei

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