RBMA Radio x Butterz @ Slake NYC

Grime has been declared dead quite a few times, but thanks to labels like Butterz the genre’s fractured rhythms will remain more than just a side note to the UK bass heritage. Expect a bass-heavy treatment at NYC's Slake on Friday, March 14th, featuring Croydon’s funk phenomenon Swindle, head honchos Elijah & Skilliam, gully funk master Royal T and local supporter Subset.

Young Rinse FM DJs and Butterz honchos Elijah & Skilliam are taking grime back to the days when the music was fun, and the tempo fast. When they first met at university in Hertfordshire being a grime head still equalled some sort of outcast status - which became utterly apparent when Elijah was fired from his first office job due to his bosses’ disapproval of his pirate radio activities. Might have been for the better anyways, as it allowed Elijah & Skilliam to fully concentrate on their weekly Rinse FM show, and turn their infamous Butterz blog into a full-blown grime, garage and UK bass imprint. Since 2010, the Butterz label has released material from artists including grime don Terror Danjah, D.O.K, Royal T, Swindle, and put on regular Butterz events in clubs throughout the UK and Europe, as well as this special one in NYC.

Highlights of the night will be recorded for RBMA Radio.

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