Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash Miami

Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash will make its Miami debut on Thursday, October 24 at Grand Central. The event is a unique celebration of sound system culture across genres featuring special guest performers, a unique blend of different music styles and lots of surprises.

Four internationally known and well-respected music collectives will battle to be named winner by the crowd. The collectives will be DJ Craze's and Kill The Noise's manifold Slow Roast Records, DJ A-Side's and Juan BassHead's bass-heavy Basshead Music, Nadastrom's Washington-based Moombahton Massive and the Black Chiney DJ Collective return for a second year, this time teaming up with Eccentrix Sound, bringing in some Jamaican flavor.

Celebrating traditional sound clash culture, some of the city's best musical purveyors will enter the ring again under the watchful eye of local host Pepe Billette with his trademark Miami satire and style. The collectives represent some of the hottest genres in the Miami music scene – spanning reggae, dancehall, electro, dubstep, moombahton, and Miami bass. True to a traditional sound clash, each collective will bring in their own sound system and will set up shop on one of four individual stages.

With the four collectives performing under one roof, the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash promises to deliver not only a night you’ll never forget, but also the very best in cross-genre exploration.

The night will be recorded by RBMA Radio for your future listenting pleasure.

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