Endless Summer Tour

RBMA Radio presents the Endless Summer Tour 2012, which will travel up the length of the West Coast of North America sending extended heat through a sunny mix of dance and indie party flavours. The line-up boasts the Los Angeles-based synth disco duo Classixx, Portland’s RAC, LA’s Cosmic Kids and Jerome LOL of LOL Boys fame.

Thu, Nov 8 – Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
Fri, Nov 9 – Lure, Los Angeles, CA
Sat, Nov 10 – La Mi Ja, Tijuana (MX)
Sun, Nov 11 – Voyeur, San Diego, CA
Thu, Nov 15 – Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA
Sat, Nov 17 – Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver (BC, Canada)
Sun, Nov 18 – Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR

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