Four Tet b2b Jamie xx @ Autumn Bowl, Brooklyn

From dropping underground anthems on labels like Domino and Ninja Tune and Numbers and Young Turks respectively, to redefining the very concept of pop, Four Tet and Jamie xx are two of the most influential artists of our time, period. In between new releases for both, the Red Bull Music Academy offers New York a rare opportunity to witness two of the finest producers and selectors on either side of the pond hit the decks for an extended back-to-back DJ set. Warming up the night will be Eglo Records honcho and all-round musical maverick, Floating Points.

Attendance for this event will be limited to venue capacity. Guests will be admitted as they arrive, on a first come basis. Make sure to arrive early so you don't miss out!

Please note that the bar at Autum Bowl is cash only.

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