Red Bull Music Academy presents A Conversation with James Murphy

If anyone epitomizes New York’s history of punky electronic dance floor fusions, it’s James Murphy. Finding global acclaim with his tragi-comic observations in LCD Soundsystem, as well as starting the era-defining DFA label, James’s story is one of conquering the world against all odds. The Red Bull Music Academy invites you to hear it from the man himself.

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James Murphy

James Murphy is the grand seigneur in the modern day and age of what used to be the downtown Manhattan scene. Murphy almost singlehandedly brought back the cultural exchange between indie and dance music with his LCD Soundsystem, the attached DFA label, and cult singles like “Losing My Edge” and the Rapture’s “House Of Jealous Lovers.” As the leading man and lyricist of LCD Soundsystem, he has celebrated two Grammy nominations and received critical acclaim for the second LCD album, Sound of Silver. With LCD’s third album This Is Happening in 2010, Murphy announced the band’s retirement. Prior to that, Murphy went into film scoring (Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg) and established a name for himself as a DJ. A purveyor of disco and old-school-rooted house music, James loves the opportunity to spin and is even developing his own DJ rotary mixer.

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