Red Bull Music Academy presents Brainfeeder Session NYC

Always one step ahead of the beat, Brainfeeder have been touching ground on virtually all parts of the musical left field. A fine selection from their eclectic roster will keep fans on their toes all night, including label head Flying Lotus, who is set to perform his first-ever NYC show under his MC alias Captain Murphy. Other artists on the bill include Teebs (another graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy), Brooklyn duo The Underachievers, Azizi Gibson, PBDY and the previously announced DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu.

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Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu needs little introduction. Her seminal works like Baduizm and the New AmErykah series have successively upped the ante in terms of what can be done within the soul spectrum, fusing cosmic b-girl bravado with the forward-thinking sounds of producers like the Soulquarians, Madlib, and Flying Lotus to create a sonically varied body of work, selling millions of albums in the process. Erykah Badu also heads up her own record label, Control FreaQ, and has even been caught on the ones and twos recently, as the mysterious DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown.

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Captain Murphy

It really isn't fair. The guy who basically single-handedly flipped the entire beat game upside down launches a passion rap side-project and serves up a better batch of rhymes than most full-time wordsmiths. Initially keeping his identity obscured in a swamp of pitch-trickery, the Captain first touched ground on the Earl Sweatshirt-featuring "Between Friends" - leaving the rap world shook and the rumor mill spinning. The subsequent Duality mixture provided more of the same: Psychedelic slurred rhyme excursions into higher spheres, darker spheres, Steven Ellison summa cum laude spheres.

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Like one of those white-light sunny days that commonly appear in LA, the music of Teebs is capable of inducing a bit of atmospheric sunstroke. A child of the paintbrush, he recognizes that the vision is what counts, and his vision is as colorful as it gets, whether he's using oils or Fruity Loops. An integral member of both LA online radio hub Dublab and Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder crew, Teebs creates avent, beat-driven music with a particular flair for surround sound. Combining droning, wet chords with off-kilter percussion and snippets of found sound, Teebs makes mood music—but mood music with a healthy dollop of bass. Although his unique sonic alchemy places him squarely in the midst of the LA beat scene, efforts like his 2010 LP Ardour prove that he's unquestionably one of the community's standout talents.

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The Underachievers

Wow, that went fast. If you’ve sneezed, you might have missed it. Haven’t you heard? Swag is officially over. Good clean fun while it lasted, but according to the new breed of NYC underage rapper’s fly attire and overall freshness are no longer something to brag about but part of every MC’s basic equipment set. Fair enough, as freshly signed Brainfeeder rap outfit The Underachievers thus find the time to go back to what matters most: flows, smokes, UFO’s and the imagery of ancient egypt. Ever since Flying Lotus ironed his shirts to their bosstune Gold Soul Theory on camera, the Flatbush, Brooklyn based duo was clearly in for something big. Hop on a herb shuttle and watch them as they gravitate.

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Azizi Gibson

Azizi Gibson is not just another rapper. Granted, he does proudly boast about his passion for money, pussy, and success, but he also brings an unusual personal history to the Brainfeeder roster. Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, he later spent a decade in Maryland before finally settling in his current home of Los Angeles. And though he’s now been brought into the Brainfeeder fold, he’s also the leading voice of the preHISTORIC crew, which he continues to rep with a potent fervor. Last year saw the release of his Ignorant Prayers mixtape, which was produced in collaboration with Brainfeeder cohort Jeremiah Jae, and Gibson preceded that with a solo effort, the unsubtly titled Phuck DLX. His most recent offering is “Ghost in the Shell,” and more fire is undoubtedly on the way soon.

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PBDY keeps a low profile, but he’s undoubtedly an essential member of the Brainfeeder clan. Born Paul Preston, he resides in Los Angeles, DJs for The Underachivers, runs TAR, and constitutes one half of JP Moregun, a collaborative undertaking with fellow Brainfeeder talent Jeremiah Jae. Describing his music as “soundscapes for creation and destruction,” he also seeks to inspire change with his production work. PBDY certainly keeps busy on that front, piecing together tracks that are ostensibly rooted in hip-hop, but also fold in a myriad of sounds and elements, from haunting vocal echoes and dusty melodies to classic rock guitar and jazzy brass. His diverse tastes are perhaps best reflected in his DJ mixes, which he reliably turns out every couple of weeks.

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