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A night of house, house and more f***ing house. Mister Saturday Night have run one of the city’s best 4/4-inclined parties over the past few years, and, now with a label in tow, they’re set to become an international concern. Brooklyn’s Dope Jams crew, meanwhile, will represent the dearly departed store’s ethos with a collection of big tunes from NYC’s halcyon days.



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Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter

Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter are Mister Saturday Night, a catchall term for both the parties they throw and the record label they operate. Begun in 2008, Mister Saturday Night has grown into one of New York City’s finest events. Taking flight around outdoor daytime events on Sunday afternoons in Brooklyn, the duo have since found their groove indoors as well, taking over a variety of spaces and—with an impeccable eye for the little things that matter— delivered a reliably good time in a city where that’s much harder than it looks. Harkin and Carter’s operation extended to a label in 2012, and the results have been just as reliable. They’ve helped along up-and-coming producers like Anthony Naples and Archie Pelago, two acts that count the party as one of their major musical influences.

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Francis Englehardt & Paul Nickerson

Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson are the DJing duo Slow to Speak and the team behind Dope Jams, a local record shop that closed its physical doors earlier this year. The duo are deep house devotees, cherishing the music that they both grew up on in Boston in the early ’90s. Armand Van Helden’s after-hours party at the Loft was their crucible. Once they moved to New York, Englehardt and Nickerson knew they wanted to contribute to the scene in a more concrete way than simply throwing parties. The answer was Dope Jams, a store that broadcast their increasingly eclectic tastes and acerbic worldview. They’ve gotten into plenty of trouble over the years for their opinions about the state of electronic music, but that’s exactly why they’re so beloved. They are curmudgeons who have devoted their lives to doing something about the things that they believe can (and should) be better.

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