Deep Space: A Red Bull Music Academy Special

Starting all the way back in 2003, Deep Space is a true fixture on the New York club scene – as well as one of those very few globally renowned nightlife institutions that keep dancers from Berlin to Tokyo licking their lips in excitement. For this special Red Bull Music Academy edition of the acclaimed Monday weekly, NYC legend (think: Axis Studios, Body & Soul, Wave Music, you name it) and Deep Space resident DJ François K will be joined by Academy participants T.Williams and Benjamin Damage, who have both been making major waves recently with their respective takes on soulful garage and twisted techno on labels like PMR and Modeselektor’s 50WEAPONS. The night will be topped off by the first-ever live DJ set of dance music revolutionary, Donna Summer producer and Daft Punk collaborator, Giorgio Moroder. Better bring them dancing shoes.

Advance tickets are currently sold out. A very limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

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Giorgio Moroder

One of the true greats of disco and electronic music, Giorgio Moroder brought a very European aesthetic to black American dance grooves. Although Italian by upbringing, Moroder did most of his work in Munich and the influence of Düsseldorf’s Kraftwerk can be heard in his work for Donna Summer, which includes two of the ultimate disco anthems, “I Feel Love” and “Love to Love You Baby.” This was motorik music: spacious, trippy, ever-lasting, far removed from the relentless bounce of most disco. He was also a supreme composer of soundtracks, scoring an unlikely success with “The Chase,” the theme from Midnight Express. His footprints are all over British synth-pop, from Pet Shop Boys to New Order to Human League—and it was with the latter’s Phil Oakey that he got his biggest self-credited hit, “Together in Electric Dreams” in 1984.

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You only need 2.2 seconds of a T.Williams track before auto-bounce kicks in and you’re instantly transported to a tuff and funky world where everything’s just… better. The London-based DJ and producer behind 2010’s irrepressible Terri Walker–vocaled and Mosca-remixed “Heartbeat,” grew up listening to his dad’s vinyl and cassette collection, subsequently scrambling headfirst into grime. As a 17-year-old, he signed to Jon E Cash’s Black Ops label under the name Dread D. These days you’ll find him rocking the dirtier end of bass-driven house music with tunes released on his own label Deep Teknologi and on Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada imprint, as well as sending hard-edged transmissions via his DJ sets and his Sunday afternoon Rinse FM show.

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Benjamin Damage

You might not have heard of Benjamin Damage, but some of your favorite artists have. His first album with partner-in-crime Doc Daneeka, They! Live was recorded by special invitation in the Modeselektor studio in Berlin. It’s no surprise that it was released on Modeselektor’s own label 50Weapons, but Benjamin says it was still a thrill when he found out that the album’s single, “Creeper,” was purchased straight out of Hardwax by Carl Craig. The South Welshman’s permanent move to Berlin has clearly had an impact on his music, with his last double A-side Swarm/Headache offering a pulverizing take on dancefloor industrialism. His just-released solo album, Heliosphere, sees him exploring ‘94-era sci-fi synthetics fused to a 2013 rhythmic flex, and looks set to characterize another busy year for the producer, who’ll surely be converting more dancers to his forward-looking yet classic sound.

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François K

If there ever was a DJ/producer/engineer that deserved a monograph, it is probably François Kevorkian. After moving to New York in 1975, his influential disco edits and medleys landed him an A&R job at Prelude where he helped define the dance-music zeitgeist. As a DJ he continued to work at seminal clubs like Studio 54, the Loft, and the Paradise Garage. By the mid-’80s, François K had become an in-demand studio hand. (Just ask Yazoo, U2, the Cure, Diana Ross, Kraftwerk, and Depeche Mode.) Fast-forward to 1996 and the legendary Sunday afternoon party Body & Soul in which Kevorkian gathered Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit around him to give their musical visions a home. He’s followed that up with his current NYC weekly club residency Deep Space, where every Monday night he focuses on dub music in its various forms. Passions never grow old.

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