Red Bull Music Academy presents Fixed Tax

FIXED have brought an eclectic cast of characters to Gotham over the years, including some of the biggest names in house and disco. The same goes for bass purveyors TURRBOTAX®. One thing you can always count on from the talented resident DJs of both, though, is fun. To our mind, there’s no better way to ease your way into the month of madness.

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JDH & Dave P

Rumors of NYC nightlife’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. This is thanks, in no small part, to the efforts of Josh Houtkin and Dave Pianka (DJing as JDH and Dave P, respectively). Since 2004, the two have been responsible for bringing over some of the most credible DJs and live bands and giving them a proper venue and environment in which to play. They’ve always had a forward-thinking booking policy that found heavyweight, Berlin-based techno jocks like Ewan Pearson playing one week and on-the-rise indie acts such as Little Boots or Friendly Fires the next. To date, blue-chip artists like Erol Alkan, Soulwax, John Talabot, and many more have all made appearances. In a city full of club nights with style over substance, FIXED is now known as a party with an eclectic crowd of sincere music lovers, where all sorts of interesting styles and genres find a place to come together.

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The TURRBOTAX® crew have been throwing down party wreckage since 2009, starting as a bass-centric monthly event in New York City and snowballing into a hub of some of the globe's most progressive music makers and ravers. Residents Space Jam, Rem Koolhaus, Mayster, C-Sick, and Contakt have managed to thread a needle through frequencies that live across a whole bunch of styles, stitching in dub, grime, garage, house, techno, and everything in between for a true taste of wasted bass and inner-city decay. Their blog charts the shake and movements of the global underground's finest, with mixes, remixes, interviews, and all that other good stuff to shout about. Strap yourself in.

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