Red Bull Music Academy presents Four Tet Afterparty

May the bass knock you clean off your feet in this meeting of sub-frequency experts and Academy participants Throwing Snow and DISTAL. Their respective hometowns may be separated by an ocean, but their common denominator is low. So low that it might put your ribcage to a serious test during this official afterparty to Four Tet’s live show at Webster Hall.

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There is something really refreshing about DISTAL’s sound. It’s simultaneously an unapologetic homage to a lineage of dance music—the guy knows his stuff, and isn’t afraid to show you—and a boisterous tackling of the zeitgeist. With a full-length album released on Pinch’s Tectonic label in 2012, plus singles for the likes of Starkey and Dev79’s Seclusiasis imprint and Sinden’s Grizzly label, we’re obviously not the only ones to think so. Include remixes for 2nd Drop and Trouble & Bass, plus the operation of his own label Embassy, and in less than three years DISTAL has spread his tentacles pretty far out from his base in the dirty south.

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Throwing Snow

When Throwing Snow isn’t creating the kind of subconscious club tracks that make the dancefloor move, he’s DJing, running labels, and working at one of London’s busiest music consultancies. But while his mixture of styles and unique sound palette make Throwing Snow a very modern producer, he harnesses the emotive core of bygone styles too, combining the familiar and unfamiliar to powerful effect. Anyone on the lookout for more substantial dance music should look for the Throwing Snow moniker on a variety of labels such as HoTep, Ghostly International, Black Acre, and Local Action. One of the things this former Astrophysics student understands better than most is this: although each song is a signpost that points both back and forth, the search continues ad infinitum.

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