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Pantha Du Prince is the moniker of Hendrik Weber, a charming lad from the middle of nowhere, Germany, who grew up on a well-balanced diet of British indie rock, techno kick drums, and adventurous electronica straight from the house that Autechre built. He eventually ended up co-founding Dial Records, a label that has fostered its very own philosophical and romantic view on electronic dance (and no-dance) music over the past 14 years. After releasing an album of fragile techno folklore via Rough Trade Records in 2010, he teamed up with Norwegian composer and conductor Lars Petter Hagen to explore the unknown versatility of the bell as a musical instrument, and finally release the post-minimalist “Elements Of Light” earlier this spring. Witness one of the year’s most talked-about shows in the venerable surroundings of Manhattan’s West Park Church, featuring a six-piece band on live electronics – and hundreds of bells. Support: Louis Baker (LIVE), Love Cult (LIVE)

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Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory

Pantha du Prince is the moniker of Hendrik Weber, an artist who grew up listening to techno and British pop like Ride, Happy Mondays, and Morrissey in equal measure. He’s combined these impulses for many years for Hamburg’s Dial Records, an imprint where a philosophical and romantic view of electronic music is king. Pantha illuminates the dancefloor with his live sets, and his beautiful and blissfully disturbing minimal techno has gained praise from around the world. In 2010 released the album Black Noise, a fine piece of fragile techno folklore. Ever since, Weber has focused his artistic endeavors on a project with Norwegian composer Lars Petter Hagen called the Bell Laboratory. It indulges his longtime fascination with bells, sonorous instruments that have often colored his minimal techno tracks. Traveling the world with an extensive set-up—most notably a three ton, 50-bell carillon—the Bell Laboratory is the newest chapter in this sonic explorer’s wide-reaching career.

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Given the enviable density of talent within the Aotearoa soul scene, it’s no surprise there are even more gifted folks yet to discover. Meet Louis Baker: a full-time musician and guitar teacher, Louis is right in the middle of the buzzing New Zealand scene that’s spearheaded by Fat Freddy’s Drop, Electric Wire Hustle, and Isaac Aesili’s Funkommunity. Louis creates trademark sounds of soul and blues.

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Love Cult

Love Cult is an experiment in hypnagogic shoegaze, fronted by the tape-manipulating talents of Russia’s Anya Kuts. Stifled by her rigorous years of hardcore academic studies in Music and Art, Anya began developing her own approach to decomposition, stripping her songs down to the barest bones of vocal howls and eerie textures. The resultant sound invites images of dark corridors with faintly glowing lights, filled with ghostly choruses and unsettling melodies, as though William Basinski was adapted for the club. Love Cult have released five cassette albums on labels like Stunned and Brave Mysteries, toured with hauntological luminaries like Grouper, High Wolf, and Kria Brekkan, and have just released their debut LP on London’s Public Information label.

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