RBMA Artist Select Series curated by Brendan Canning @ CMW

Red Bull Music Academy presents Artist Select Series curated by Brendan Canning @ CMW, Toronto

Taking place during the Canadian Music Week festival, the Academy invites some of Canada's top artists to curate and host their own showcases. The three diverse nights see North America's top emerging talent hand-selected by influential Canadian rapper Shad, Academy lecturer Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, and Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene. Line-up for the third night of the series selected by Brendan Canning is as follows:

- 2:00 Teenage Kicks

- 1:00 Yardlets

- 12:00 Uncle Bad Touch

- 11:00 ALX

- 10:00 The Balconies

- 9:00 Husky

...all at The Garrison, Toronto.


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