Sacramento Electronic Music Festival

Sacramento Electronic Music Festival 2012 feat. Death Grips, Shlohmo, Salva, Lorn, B. Bravo, Mux Mool, Dibiase, Light Year, DJ Nobody, Dusty Brown, and many others

The third annual Sacramento Electronic Music Festival kicks off in the California capitol, showcasing emerging artists alongside internationally renowned talent. Hyper-hardcore rap from hotly tipped locals Death Grips juts up alongside beat-based psychedelia from Shlohmo; Academy grads B. Bravo and Salva drop modern funk bombs; and Dibiase and Mux Mool concoct bass-laden beats.

This year's event will take place over three nights May 3rd-5th at Harlow's and Momo Lounge, and RBMA Radio will be on-site to capture some of the best audio moments for posterity.

For more information and tickets, visit the SEMF website.

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