A Guy Called Gerald

This guy called Gerald Simpson has done a lot to shape British electronic music into what it is today. Starting off with his early crew in Manchester, The Scratchbeat Masters, he went on to become a founding member of 808 State, who he left to release his seminal acid house classic "Voodoo Ray" in 1989. Instead of resting on his laurels he started Juice Box Records, a label that helped lay the foundations for what became jungle and drum'n'bass. His classic album Black Secret Technology was one of the very first artist albums in the genre and remains a coveted milestone, released in an overhauled and remastered version in 2008. After relocating to Berlin, Gerald has started to focus on the dancefloors once again, releasing tracks on !K7, Laboratory Instinct and Perlon. In his 2010 lecture at Red Bull Music Academy, Simpson shows us how these days, his musical mastery works apart from short lived trends.

Hosted by Torsten Schmidt Audio Only Version Transcript:

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