Kode9 (2006)

Steve Goodman and his Hyperdub label have been moulding the sound of the underground for years now, pulling in plaudits and end-of-year polls from every which way. One of the original FWD>> residents, Steve’s always sailed dangerously close to giving grime and dubstep a sparkling shiny reputation, and in his 2006 lecture at Red Bull Music Academy, he recalls his early dubstep days in Croydon. He quickly became a true kingpin of the scene, producing stunning tracks with and without MC Spaceape, and talking it all up on Rinse FM. Now he forges a unique path of simply bass-heavy, leftfield bangers, mixing his dancehall-infused, heavy skanking sound and taking it around clubs worldwide. He's also a lecturer and book author, and can take credit for bringing the globe the sounds of Burial, Darkstar, Cooly G, Zomby, DVA, Ikonika, as well as RBMA stalwarts Samiyam, Mark Pritchard, and Om'Mas Keith, and Kode is on an ongoing quest to find those mixes that make him shiver. Encrypt your own algorithm to this.

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Hosted by Nick Dwyer