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Tim Sweeney

If you haven’t heard of DJ Tim Sweeney via his WNYU and Internet-hosted show Beats In Space, you may know him through his association with those three special letters: DFA. After starting his DJ career at a young age in Baltimore, Tim headed to New York and eventually established himself as one among a scant number of radio jocks in the US repping leftfield dance. After an internship with hip hop pioneer Steinski he became a studio assistant for the budding DFA label, which in turn led to his membership in the international DJ jetset. Dirty disco, gritty techno, and dreamy house—just like an American Express card, he doesn’t leave home without them. In 2011, Sweeney took the BIS empire one step further, when he established Beats In Space Records, releasing 12"s by Paradis, Secret Circuit, and Lauer.