Introducing the Participants of Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014

After many late nights and countless discussions, the Red Bull Music Academy jury has selected the 60 music makers who will gather in Tokyo in autumn for the next Academy edition. There, they will participate in lectures and music workshops, collaborate in the Academy’s custom-built studios, and perform in a festival of events in the city’s most iconic venues.

This year, the task of narrowing down the candidates was harder than ever. The Academy received almost 60% more applications than it did for the previous edition. The 60 selected applicants will represent 34 countries, including, for the first time, Kenya and Egypt. Some names you may know, some names you may not. The final group has been selected to represent a diverse array of styles, skill levels, methodologies and cultural backgrounds. They will each participate in one of two fortnight-long terms, with 30 artists attending each term.



As part of the announcement, we’ve worked with graphic design studio Other Means to create an interactive page that provides insights and statistics about the applicants and participants. Check it out here and be sure to click around – behind every icon or bit of underlined text lies something unexpected.

Without further ado, the participants of the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy.

Ah! Kosmos (Turkey)
Albino Sound (Japan)
Alejandro Paz (Chile)
Arenov (Kazakhstan)
Bienoise (Italy)
Blinky Bill (Kenya)
Boody (United States)
Bosaina (Egypt)
Brigitte Laverne (Spain)
Cat500 (United States)
Christian Kroupa (Slovenia)
Courtesy (Denmark)
Daniel Limaverde (Brazil)
Deltatron (Peru)
Deradoorian (United States)
Douchka (France)
Ekali (Canada)
Estii / Yale (Australia)
Felix (France)
Haioka (Japan)
Ipek Gorgun (Turkey)
Joe Wills (United Kingdom)
Kadhja Bonet (United States)
King Bruce (South Africa)
Krizzli (Switzerland)
La Mverte (France)
Lafawndah (France)
LAO (Mexico)
Larry Gus (Italy)
Laura J Martin (United Kingdom)
Lewis Cancut (Australia)
Mickey de Grand IV (United States)
Mimu Merz (Austria)
Mumdance (United Kingdom)
Never Sol (Czech Republic)
Nightfeelings (United States)
Nischay Parekh (India)
NV (Russia)
Olefonken (Norway)
Ossie (United Kingdom)
Palms Trax (Germany)
Parachute Pulse (Romania)
Plasma Rüby (Argentina)
rj (Germany)
Silva (Brazil)
Sonnenberg (Poland)
Summer (Australia)
SUMORAI (Sweden)
Sylas (United Kingdom)
Tollcrane (Pakistan)
Torus (Netherlands)
Uio Loi (United States)
Valesuchi (Chile)
Watercolours (New Zealand)
WIFE (Ireland)
Xosar (Germany)
Zebra Katz (United States)
Zopelar (Brazil)


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