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The eight-part video series beat:repeat NYC was launched in conjuction with the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York 2014, and looks at iconic New York City anthems and the drum machines that underpinned them. Over the course of each episode, an artist deeply involved in the making of the track introduces us to the beat and their story, focusing on the moment of inspiration that birthed a classic. From disco to dance punk, thrash metal to hip hop, beat:repeat NYC covers a wide variety of sounds, drum machines and personalities.



Peech Boys - Don’t Make Me Wait

Michael de Benedictus, keyboard player for the Peech Boys, breaks down the Paradise Garage anthem that he sculpted with Larry Levan on the LinnDrum.



Suicide - Frankie Teardrop

Suicide’s Martin Rev and Ghostly International’s Xeno and Oaklander meet to discuss and reimagine the proto-punk anthem that was created with the help of the Seeburg Select-A-Rhythm.



Mtume - Juicy Fruit

The origin story behind one of the most sampled tuned in hip hop history – and a tribute to one of hip hop’s most iconic machines, the SP-1200.



Anthrax - I Am the Law

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante replays a thrash metal classic, and watches as Ninja Tune’s Lee Bannon transforms it into something new entirely on the MPC Renaissance.



Afrika Bambaataa - Looking for the Perfect Beat

Producers John Robie and Arthur Baker explain the six-month process that went into crafting the 808 odyssey that pushed the drum machine to new heights.



Le Tigre - Deceptacon

Johanna Fateman reveals the pop and punk instincts that went into the post-riot grrrl group’s masterpiece – and explains the subversive power of a cheap drum machine like the Alesis HR-16.



Man Parrish feat. Freeze Force - Boogie Down (Bronx)

One of early hip hop’s most eccentric characters breaks down a New York 808 classic.



Blondie - Heart of Glass

Chris Stein shows how the uncool CompuRhythm drum machine birthed a generation-defining New Wave classic.


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