Teaser: beat:repeat NYC

Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York is kicking off today, and as part of the celebration, we’re proud to announce the premiere of a new documentary series called beat:repeat NYC.

The eight-part series looks at iconic New York City anthems and the drum machines that underpinned them. Over the course of each episode, an artist deeply involved in the making of the track will introduce us to the beat and their story, focusing on the moment of inspiration that birthed a classic. From disco to dance punk, thrash metal to hip hop, beat:repeat NYC will cover a wide variety of sounds, drum machines and personalities.

Featured artists include Blondie’s Chris Stein, Arthur Baker, Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman, Black Moon’s Evil Dee, Ninja Tune’s Lee Bannon and many more. And, in addition to including the iconic tracks in each episode, Red Bull Music Academy grad Salva has composed interstitial music that references the sounds of the featured drum machines. (His track is the one heard in the teaser below.)

Running alongside the series, Red Bull Music Academy will also host a drum machine exhibition at Red Bull Studios New York throughout the month of May. Working with Beat Box author Joe Mansfield, 101 drum machines from his private collection will be presented, highlighting their impact on popular music over the past 60 years.

beat:repeat NYC’s first episode, centering around Peech Boys’ “Don’t Make Me Wait” will premiere on May 6. Until then, check out the teaser for the entire series below.



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