Premiere: Danny Brown - BAB (The Titts Bootleg)

Don’t let the name troll you. Dutch duo The Titts – comprised of RBMA grad Jameszoo (pictured above) and Eindhoven’s Y’skid Beats – deliver a dead serious bootleg version of Danny Brown’s 2011 smoker’s anthem, “Blunt After Blunt.”



A vindictive quality shines through on each of the track’s elements – from the opening wood blocks to the skittering synths, on to the ominous siren break and the hook’s voracious low-end. Summoning maximalist effect through minimalist measures, the two producers conjure up a potent DJ weapon, which has already been endorsed by the likes of Gaslamp Killer, DJ Shadow, Machinedrum and Salva. We’re proud to offer it up as a free download with Rwina Records, who are celebrating their 5th anniversary with Jameszoo on November 29 in Amsterdam.


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