Headphone Highlights: Disclosure

Disclosure is the brotherly duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence. Producing dance music with very British qualities for labels like Moshi Moshi, Transparent, Make Mine, and now as part of the Greco-Roman empire led by Joe Goddard, Disclosure are caught between bass or house music, UK funky or garage – call it what you want. Disclosure take what they like out of all those, at times, indistinguishable styles and make something new. We asked them about some of their favourite tracks; you can listen to the audio version of this over at RBMA Radio.


GUY: We’ve chosen some tracks for you all to listen to that are some of our old influences and some tracks that have just come out, as well, that we’re really feeling at the moment, and a few of new ones and old ones, as well. Just a big selection of tunes that we’re feeling.


Zak Toms “Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Remix)” (Unda-Vybe)

GUY: Legendary 90s garage tune with a ridiculous bassline. Yeah, this one goes off.


Shaun Escoffery “Days Like This (DJ Spinna & Ticklah Club Mix)” (Oyster Music)

HOWARD: This is an absolute classic. The vocal… just summer vibes.


The System “You’re In My System (Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler)” (Ibadan)

HOWARD: First heard this when we went to watch TEED – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – who’s a big fan of this track. He always plays it out. And it’s remixed by Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler, who is one of our biggest influences, as well. All of his deep house tracks are incredible, so check him out if you don’t know.


Todd Edwards “Saved My Life” (¡! Records)

GUY: I think this one came out on Locked On Records, one of our favourite labels. Everyone should know about Todd Edwards, ‘Todd the God’. Yeah, “Saved My Life”, one of our favourite tracks.


T Williams “Think Of You” (PMR)

HOWARD: One of our favourite tracks at the moment, to be honest. It’s got an amazing vocal on it. Yeah, really feeling this one.


D’Angelo “Spanish Joint” (Virgin)

GUY: This is from an amazing album called Voodoo. We listen to it every single day.


Jessie Ware “Running (Disclosure Remix)” (PMR)

GUY: We really wanted to remix this track because the vocals on it are incredible, and her voice suits garage in an amazing way.


Slum Village “2U4U” (GoodVibe)

HOWARD: This is produced by probably our all-time favourite producer, J Dilla. Enjoy.

Title image of Disclosure by Michaela Letang

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