Premiere: Giganta - Can’t Stop Playing

Listen to a new track from Werkdiscs’ newest signing.

Giganta is a new signing to Actress’ Werkdiscs imprint. The work of Athens-based Academy alumni Eleni Adamopoulou, her upcoming debut EP on the label is a versatile in all the right ways, showcasing pieces from different genres – but also, excitingly, pointing the way toward something new. Today we’re pleased to bring you one of those tracks for the first time, “Can’t Stop Playing.”



We sent a few questions to Eleni via email earlier this week to find out more.

The EP is said to reflect your “fight against the negativity and violence” that has surrounded you in Athens over the last years. Can you expand on how you’re trying to convey that?

Athens is a sunny city, although it is covered with darkness for some years now. I don't want to be a part of her dark side, I want to keep this city's light alive inside of me and share it. I can do that through music, make happy vibes, spread it invisibly as stardust in the atmosphere. People need to forget their problems for some hours and dance to feel optimistic. Why make someone sad, when he already is? Why not make him feel happy? I had to do it for myself also. A song can make you dream and it is a shield to reality which is very cruel sometimes. This EP, Force, is my music effort and power mechanism, to fight against all these negative feelings.

Tell us about the scene in Athens at the moment. What are the good clubs right now?

There are not many clubs playing new music right now: You can count it on one hand, Six D.O.G.S. and Romantso Bios, have the best sound system in the city. In the mid-’90s there were many choices to go out and dance, then almost all of them were closed. But there are some small and friendly places, like Habeat which is a record store and a bar.

There are many people organizing parties in Athens, like Black Athena, who keep bringing amazing DJs and musicians to play here. Rotation DJs crew, which is a collective of 15 local DJs, including me, are doing parties. Other people just find an unknown place, rent a cinema bar or an unknown place and throw a party there. The crowd is pretty small, but the few people who are into new music, are always present in the good parties. We have too many DJs, a few really worth mentioning, like Runner, Jeph 1, Dynamons, G_, and Petit Bear. As for producers, ΔΔ and BrainD are my favorites in town.


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