H∆SHTAG$, Episode 2: Don’t Call It #PostDubstep

For this second edition of H∆SHTAG$ – our web series chronicling Internet-based music – we examine the ever-changing bass / garage / dubstep continuum and the role the web has played in its maturation and ubiquitous global reach. Featured artists include Mount Kimbie, Bondax, Sepalcure and Deadboy, as well as the minds behind crucial platforms Soundcloud and Boiler Room.



For the last few years, a Sisyphean battle has been waged on the globe’s blogs and comment sections for and against the bass-heavy sounds pouring out of myriads of Soundcloud accounts, U-Stream broadcasts and Ableton sets. And while the audio target has always been on the move, the obstacle has more or less stayed the same – namely “what do we call this?”

For this second episode of our H∆SHTAG$ series, we examine the ever-changing bass/garage/dubstep continuum and assess the role the Internet has played in its maturation and ubiquitous global reach. Is there a genre such as post-dubstep? Can there ever be a global movement without a local scene? And why do people spend their evening uploading woozy bass house tracks with pictures of women in their underwear to YouTube? Artists including Mount Kimbie, Praveen Sharma and Machinedrum of Sepalcure, Bondax and Deadboy weigh in alongside Dave Hayes of Soundcloud, Thristian bPM of Boiler Room and noted journalists and bloggers.

New episodes of H∆SHTAG$ premiere each Wednesday, exclusively here on redbullmusicacademy.com

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