H∆SHTAG$: Series Trailer

Next week, we'll be launching our new six-part web documentary series spotlighting some of the most fascinating themes to emerge from Internet music culture in recent times, featuring protagonists such as How To Dress Well, Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, Main Attrakionz, TNGHT, Miguel and many more. Watch the trailer below. 

From Baroque harpsichords to digital audio workstations; from early pirate radio to mp3s, technology has consistently shaped the sounds and styles of the music itself. But what happens when music outgrows the physical realm? As YouTube playlists, Soundcloud links, and Tumblr memes are becoming the dietary norm – what happens when the Internet comes of age, and so too does a generation of musicians who have grown up online?

H∆SHTAG$ is a series of mini-documentaries that wrestles with some of these questions, going from the URL to the IRL and shedding light on some of the most fascinating music emerging from the digital ether. It takes into consideration that the Internet is no longer a “new” distribution channel for “old” content, but has become a pivotal part of our everyday lives, influencing not only the way music is consumed – but also the way music is discussed, and most importantly, the way music sounds.

In this exclusive series, Red Bull Music Academy presents the diverse spheres of internet-fuelled pop, with themes ranging from alternative R&B and cloud rap to UK bass. Do these notions only exist in the meta form? We ask noted artists how they feel about these (hash-)tags and what they mean culturally. The series examines how music these days is neither stable, monolithic or delivered in one piece – but continuously re-analysed via constantly evolving identities.

Each episode also features commentators from leading blogs and platforms that are helping to shape contemporary music culture as we’re coming to know it.

H∆SHTAG$ will be exclusively streaming each Wednesday on www.redbullmusicacademy.com, beginning January 30 and running through early March.

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