Rescued From The Fire #14: Kidkanevil (+download)

The London-based beatsmith and 2010 Academy alum picks a lone album to save if petrol flames ever threaten to engulf his flat. Download an exclusive Kidkanevil remix of Jesse Futerman at the bottom.

RZA Ghost Dog: Way Of The Samurai Beats & Instrumentals (White Label, 1999)

If this situation was real I’d be crazy dead by now, having spent the last 30 minutes or so agonizing over a pile of black circles. But anyway, after much pain and suffering I have come to a decision - a mysterious white label of the Japanese only version of RZA’s Ghost Dog soundtrack.

They kinda fucked up the official UK/US release because they just featured songs from the film but not the ill instrumentals, which were the best joints. The Japanese got it perfect though, focusing on the score itself. This one has all the instrumental beats, the crazy Wu joints and a bunch of joints that were made for the film but didn’t get used. It’s pretty crazy. It’s almost like RZA’s version of Donuts in some respects. It’s actually in my top ten albums of all time. I listen to it religiously, it informs my life and music continuously. It has a very special aura to me.

This pressing is sleeveless, information-less, just a sick stamp of the Hagakure/Ghost Dog logo in red. I love the fact someone actually went to the effort to make a dope stamp and everything. RZA’s best work for me. I can’t even express my love for this piece of plastic with the enigmatic red stamp. Raise your sword!

- Kidkanevil, 2011


Download: Jesse Futerman "A Goon Man Is Gone (kidkanevil re-flip)"

Jesse Futerman's 'Fuse The Witches' EP is now available via Jus Like Music as a free download on Bandcamp. Check it here.

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