Headphone Highlights: Kim Ann Foxman

Growing up in Hawaii, Kim Ann Foxman was obsessed with R&B and house music. She claims that, as a youth, she wanted to be Ya Kid K (remember this one?) but instead ended up in the San Francisco rave scene, partying to the sounds of English ex-pats The Wicked Crew (some of whom later became Rub-N-Tug) before moving to New York where she met Andy Butler of Hercules And Love Affair. Inspired by the creative impact of the NYC house and disco powerhouse, Kim Ann sharpened her DJ skills and started to sing, appearing on two of the Hercules And Love Affair albums. Besides collaborating with Andy Butler for her debut single “Creature” on Butler’s own Mr. INTL label, Kim Ann keeps touring the world as a DJ, making kids dance to quality house music on every continent. You can listen to the audio version of this interview over at RBMA Radio.


JohNick “Play The World” (Henry Street Music)

These are some of my forgotten house classics that I’d like to share with you. This first track has got a really cute hook and every time I hear it, it makes me really happy. It’s one of those happy feeling ones. And it reminds me of San Francisco.


Kim Ann Foxman “Creature” (Mr INTL)

This one is my first solo release called “Creature”, and you may have seen the video for it, which was pretty fun. This track is really special because it was my first solo release, and I just really love it.


Willi Ninja “Hot (Murk Mix)” (Nervous)

This one’s just an awesome record. I carry it with me in my record bag all the time. Not that many people know what it is. And Willi Ninja is famous for voguing, but he was a guest on this record, and the cover of the album is amazing. I just love everything that Murk does. It’s not really popular, but it’s an awesome track.


The Mole People “Break Night” (Strictly Rhythm)

I love this track because I don’t hear it out that often. It’s a really long track, but it’s one of those long tracks that you could listen to forever, so I really like that it’s long, and it makes you feel really good. And every time I play it, someone’s like, “What is that song?” I feel like not enough people know what it is, so I’m happy to share it with you.


House Syndicate “Jam The Mace” (Dopewax)

This next one is by Kenny Dope and it’s got an awesome Technotronic sample in it. To me, it’s not a forgotten track, but I think it is to some people. I don’t hear it played out enough, personally, and I think it’s a total floor-banger and it’s awesome.


Terence FM “Feelin’ Kinda High” (Cajual)

This is a very popular San Francisco track, but I haven’t really heard it in any other places. But it’s a really great vocal house track, and I love it.


The Good Men “Give It Up” (Fresh Fruit)

This one’s a very obvious house classic, but I don’t know, I feel like it’s kind of forgotten about. It’s special to me because I remember it from when I used to go out in Hawaii when I was a teenager, so this one was on all my tapes back then. I used to love dancing to this one in the club and I never hear anyone playing it out.


Kim Ann Foxman “Return It” (Needwant)

This is my second solo release. I produced it and wrote it myself, so that’s why this one is very special to me.


Rave 2001 “Seduce Me” (Institute)

I discovered this track by accident, actually, in a record bin, and I had no idea what it was, but it has this awesome, kind of freestyle vocal on it, and I think it’s really nice.


 Kenny Dope “The Sounds In Da Air” (Dopewax)

I think this one has a really cool hook, a really nice sample in it and I love playing it out. And I don’t really hear many people playing this track out.


Dubtribe “Sunshine’s Theme” (Organico)

This is a band from San Francisco, I learned about them while I was living there, and this track is really special to me because it was kind of my introduction into starting to go out to clubs. It was one of my favourite tracks during that time, I think. It was in the early 90s, and I love this one.


Ralph Falcon “That Sound (Pete Heller’s Vocal Mix)” (Azuli)

I love this track because I found it for two dollars in a throwaway bin, and it’s such a great, awesome track. I can’t imagine why it was so cheap, and how lucky I am that I found it. It’s a huge vocal track, and I really love playing it out.


Kim Ann Foxman “Hypnotic Dance” (Needwant)

This one is about being hypnotised by someone really sexy. [laughs]


Fierce Ruling Diva “Atomic Slide (Rise Up & Work NYC)” (Lower East Side)

That track is special to me because, I don’t know, I think it’s a great ‘ending’ kind of track. For some reason it’s just really epic, and I don’t ever really hear it out, but I like to put it on DJ mixes and stuff.  

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