Red Bull Music Academy New York Moved To 2013

We unfortunately announce that the upcoming New York edition of the Red Bull Music Academy will be postponed until spring 2013. Due to delays at the venue, we are not able to complete the build-out in time for the original opening date of September 30 without compromising on the quality of the facilities that are currently being built in Manhattan to house the Academy and our future projects in NYC.

The five week-long workshop and festival will now be held from April 28 to May 31, 2013. Of course, the group of 62 producers, vocalists and instrumentalists that have been invited to participate this past July will remain unchanged. A list of lecturers and full details on all shows taking place around NYC will be announced early next year. We are fully committed and looking forward to bringing the Red Bull Music Academy to New York starting April 28, 2013 – especially since it now marks the kick-off to our 15 year anniversary. See you in the spring!


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