Red Bull Music Academy Returns to New York in 2014

Last year, the Red Bull Music Academy set up shop in New York City.

As with every Academy, we put on events throughout the city that both showcased the enormous talent of the participants as well as paying tribute to the huge impact that New York has had on music history. New York City’s first Culture Clash, Giorgio Moroder’s first US DJ gig, Brian Eno’s 77 Millions Paintings exhibit, a public lecture with Erykah Badu and James Murphy – it was a jam-packed collection of shows.
We’re pleased to announce today that we’ll return to New York City this May for another month-long series of music and art events. As a legacy to the annual Academy workshop that was hosted in New York last year, the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York will become an annual public event series. Tickets, show schedule and lineups for the event can be found at
To find out more about the Academy itself, check out this short film about the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy in New York.



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