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For the fourth time, the Red Bull Music Academy takes over the SonarDôme, one of the main stages at Barcelona's revered Sónar Festival, assembling an all-star cast of Academy alumni and affiliates. Continuously stream all the action from the stage via RBMA Radio and Barcelona's Scanner FM now.

Over the course of three days, Raval revellers get the chance to explore fresh new sounds from around the world, as well as special performances from some of the very pioneers of modern dance music. Check the lineup and previews below, underneath the player. All stage times indicated are Central Europe Summer Time. But don't worry, if you miss anything you can always check RBMA Radio in the coming weeks for the recordings in all their glory.

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Red Bull Music Academy pres. SonarDôme Lineup and Preview:

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, SonarDôme Day One DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, SonarDôme Day One Thursday, June 14th

As the sun beats upon the green Astroturf carpeting of Sónar, the Red Bull Music Academy SonarDôme stage powers up for three days; starting with the bronzed sounds of Peru's Chico Unicornio, Gran Canaria's Monki Valley and Canada's Exeter – each spattering tunes ranging from tropicália-inspired electronics to boogie-inspired beats. The warm weather vibrations continue with the bass-driven house music of Poland's Eltron John before giving way to Landau's post-punk outfit Sizarr, one of the most hotly-tipped German indie bands at present. Afterwards Japan's forest-tromping, found-sound beatsmith Yosi Horikawa drops his ambient soundscapes, paving the way for the potent blend of the UK bass, garage, house and beats to follow, courtesy of Doc Daneeka and Om Unit. Closing the night, the kings of Chicago footwork DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad release their frenetic 808-driven rhythms upon the SonarDôme, sure to leave an undoubtedly sweaty mark on Day One

12:00 Chico Unicornio (PE)
12:45 Monki Valley (ES)
13:45 Exeter (CA)
14:45 Eltron John (PL)
16:15 Sizarr (DE)
17:00 Yosi Horikawa (JP)
17:45 Doc Daneeka (UK)
19:15 Om Unit (UK)
20:45 DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (US)


Canblaster Canblaster Friday, June 15th

As Sónar Day Two hits, chances are the Academy stage will be somewhat stickier and more decrepit, worn down by a combination of dancing feet and full cups. Barcelona local Clip! hits the stage early with a bass-heavy potion equal parts slick and ugly, dropping his modded renditions of Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo and more. Next, Milan-based Gomma recording artist Esperanza (aka Cécile) showcases his sophisticated disco panache, leading the way for the quirky post-punk electronics of Micachu & The Shapes keyboardist, Raisa K. 'How low can you go?', is the name of the game for the next stretch of the day as local Nehuen and London-based Nightwave drop their post-modern brew spanning codeine-coated crunk to Adderall-induced juke, segueing into Brainfeeder's ringleader Flying Lotus and his otherworldly beat collages. France's Club Cheval concoct a four-man barrage of bass leading into the LA-based duo and recent Hippos In Tanks signees Nguzunguzu. Finally, on the heels of her recent self-title debut, Moscow's eclectically house-minded DJ and chanteuse Nina Kraviz closes the night.

12:00 Clip! (ES)
13:00 Esperanza (aka Cécile) (IT)
14:00 Raisa K (UK)
14:35 Nehuen (ES)
16:00 Nightwave (UK)
17:30 Flying Lotus (US)
18:30 Club Cheval feat. Canblaster, Myd, Panteros 666 & Sam Tiba (FR)
20:00 Nguzunguzu (US)
21:00 Nina Kraviz (RU)


Jesse Boykins III Jesse Boykins III Saturday, June 16th

Most likely, a lightly brownish residue has developed around the SonarDôme, leaving a debauched sheen on most of the flooring and fixtures, but nevertheless, the party soldiers on for its final bash. The Swiss Radiorifle duo of Faktor and Clinic kick off the day with a buffet serving of beats, bass, minimal wave and house, prepping the stage for the darkly-droning pop of Santiago Latorre, performing on saxophone, vocals, and electronics. Continuing in the singer spectrum, Mexico's Andrea Balency hits the stage next with a Latin American-folk inspired set, giving the afternoon audience a much needed respite from both the almighty sun and omnipresent low-freqencies. Which is exactly what will be needed as LA's bass and boogie Frite Nite chairman Salva jumps on the decks, followed by NYC's Brenmar – who delves into equal parts Hot 97 and underground-808 territory. After a modern-soul showcase from crooner Jesse Boykins III, and the classic techno and house sound palette of xxxy, the grand finale ensues with the bearded Balearic legend DJ Harvey, who undoubtedly will voyage across a Dionysian dance spectrum into the night.

12:00 Radiorifle (CH)
13:30 Santiago Latorre (ES)
14:30 Andrea Balency (MX)
15:15 Salva (US)
16:15 Brenmar (US)
17:45 Jesse Boykins III (US)
18:30 xxxy (UK)
20:00 DJ Harvey (US)

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