Space Dimension Controller’s Guide to Mikrosector-50

Across Space Dimension Controller’s first releases we’ve been introduced to a number of planets, creatures and characters. There’s Mr. 8040, the time travelling music-maker. His superior Max Tiraquon, who awaits his return in the year 2352. And a mysterious lady that has inspired countless tunes. On his debut album, Welcome to Mikrosector-50, the story continues, so we asked the former Academy participant to break down the futuristic backstory behind the music for those looking to get up to speed.

In the year 2257, Planet Earth was invaded by an energy-seeking race of aliens known as the Pulsovians, sparking a galactic war that lasted over two years. Sadly, the Pulsovian technology was much more advanced than that of the humans and Earth was lost. The Pulsovians drained the energy from the sun, turning it into a Pulsar. Earth died soon after, leaving the humans no choice but to flee into outer space to find a new home.

For over 75 years, the last remnants of mankind lived aboard their escape vessels. It wasn't until the year 2334 that a man named Max Tiraquon discovered a distant planet in Mikrosector-50 of the deep space grid that was suitable for human habitation. Shortly after the discovery of Mikrosector, Max Tiraquon founded the Tiraquon Security Council as the first government of mankind's new home.
Mr. 8040 is the Deputy Space Dimension Controller of the Tiraquon Security Council. He was accidentally sent back to our time and was left stranded there, so he’s spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get back to 2352. On the new album, he finally returns to the future, but he ends up arriving five years later than he had hoped due to only having technology from 2013 to repair his Electropod.

Max Tiraquon is Mr. 8040's superior. He is the guy who discovered Mikrosector-50 and founded the Tiraquon Security Council. When Mr. 8040 returns to his home pod on the Armament Moon and finds it empty and his lover gone, he goes to Max for answers. Max isn't happy about all the events that Mr. 8040 has been a part of in the past that changed the current state of Mikrosector-50. He refuses to give Mr. 8040 any information about the whereabouts of his lover, so Mr. 8040 decides to quit the council and leaves Mikrosector-50.

After he leaves Mikrosector-50, Mr. 8040 flies to EroDru-10 to have a drink and take the edge off. The Quadraskank noticed Mr. 8040 as he was getting thrown out of the club at the end of “You Can’t Have My Love” and thought he would be easy prey, but the club owner gets to him first. Most nightclubs on EroDru-10 enforce a strict "No Cyborgs" rule, so she waited outside for him.

The story of Mr. 8040’s secret lover, the one he was asking Max Tiraquon about, will be continued with future releases. In the future, humans have found it hard to create a lasting bond with one another due to the constant exchange of humans amongst the fleets and the ever-present threat of attack from deep space life forms. Three years after the Mikrosector was open for habitation, love was deemed unnecessary and inefficient by the Tiraquon6 Senate and was thereafter outlawed within its boundaries. However, over three thousand light years away, near the Great Carina, a habitat similar to the Mikrosector was constructed for humans who can’t control their urges. Designed by Mr. 8040 and inspired by his secret lover, this intergalactic romantic refuge is called The Love Quadrant.


Image credits except The Love Quadrant: Ferry Gouw
The Love Quadrant: Jack Hamill


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