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Kingston Ave. Dreaming: Dancehall, Hip Hop and New York City

Puja Patel explores how rap, radio and the city’s fertile bashment scene are helping evolve riddim music in North America.


The Safety of Place: How GHE20G0TH1K Started a Wave

Judnick Mayard outlines the party’s importance to the city’s culture – and to her life.


Left of the Dial: The Evolution of Punk, New Wave and Indie on American Radio

Trouser Press founder Ira Robbins recounts the story of how the punks, new wavers and early indie kids stormed the airwaves.


The Art of Techno Producer Mike Parker

We talk screen printing with the respected hypnotic techno producer.


Interview: Armand Van Helden

Michaelangelo Matos speaks to the long-serving house DJ and producer.


Is New York City’s Best Club Soundsystem in a Bumper Car Arena?

One of the last remaining systems built by legendary sound designer Richard Long resides in Coney Island.


Interview: Raekwon

The Wu-Tang Clan member speaks on his new album, gold teeth, and the Cuban Linx documentary.


Interview: Hip Hop Great Large Professor

Chairman Mao talks with the producer about his early days.


Scorpio: A Loop History

When people think of jungle and drum & bass, the one break that most often comes to mind is the Amen. But, as Laurent Fintoni explains, Scorpio was perhaps just as influential.


Interview: Bonnie Baxter on Kill Alters’ Harrowing Debut

The Red Bull Music Academy grad talks us through the raw and unnerving process that inspired their tape on GODMODE.


Thurston Moore’s Musical Education

An insight into the Sonic Youth guitarist’s beginnings from the man himself.


Key Tracks: Run–D.M.C’s “Rock Box”

Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels recounts the making of the groundbreaking single with Larry Smith.


Interview: TV Party Drummer Lenny Ferraro

The NYC scenester talks about the early days of punk and hip hop.


Key Tracks: Whodini’s Escape

Jalil Hutchins recounts the luck and skill that went into creating a hip hop classic.


The Rise and Fall of Ray Caviano and RFC Records

The unbelievable story of a disco kingpin responsible for breaking hits by Gino Soccio, A Number of Names, and Rod Stewart.


Interview: Living Colour’s Vernon Reid

The New York rocker on his blockbuster band’s beginnings and reformation.


Real People: Chic in the ’80s

How the storied dance group dealt with the death of disco.


Interview: Toshio Nakanishi on Hip Hop, New Wave, and Punk

The Plastics, Melon, and Major Force man on his multi-faceted career.


Sunshine Sound: The Birthplace of the Remix

The untold story behind the unassuming New York office that birthed the remix.


Morgan Geist

Delicious disco requires the perfect blend of humor and seriousness - just ask Morgan!