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Interview: Composer David Borden

Mike Powell gets on Skype with one of the first composers to use a Moog synthesizer.


Interview: Chris Jasper on Playing Synths for the Isleys

Michael A. Gonzales talks to the inventive, classically-trained keyboardist for some of the Isley’s most indelible hits.


Check Out This Collection of Ancient Analogue Synthesizer Literature

Browse through over 130 catalogues, manuals, and schematics from synth makers like Moog, EMS, Ionic and more.


Todd Rundgren’s Weird and Wonderful Album A Cappella

In a career full of left turns, this Todd Rundgren album – composed almost solely out of samples of his own voice – may be the strangest.


Synth-Aesthesia: Soviet Synths And The ANS

Scratching the surface of the history of Soviet electronics, performer-less orchestras, graphical sound and the ANS synth.


Dave Smith

A tech visionary of the highest order reveals his history and working methods.


Back To The Future: The Continuing Legacy Of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

A group of outsiders left to their own devices, the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop took avant-garde electronics and strange new sounds into the nation's living rooms in the 1950s and 1960s, writes Jude Rogers.