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Interview: Murder Dog’s Black Dog Bone on Hip Hop’s Most Successful Underground Magazine

The Sri Lankan founder of Murder Dog tells how a small Bay Area magazine became one of hip hop’s most influential reads.


A (Not At All Definitive) History of Hip Hop Mixtapes

Noz details how the cassette tape industry helped to spread the genre far and wide.


Rap 1.0: A History of the Early Hip Hop Internet

A trip through the bizarre and forgotten corners of the hip hop Internet.


Cyber Secrets #4: Noz

The notorious blogger and rap scholar takes us on a tour of the information superhighway.


Hip Hop Pit Stop #6: Richmond Raps

Intrepid rap explorer Noz follows the trail of Calvin T & Magic Mike to find Iamsu and HBK.


Egyptian Lover

A king of electro, live and direct from the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy


Hip Hop Pit Stop #5: Orlando’s Armstrong And Grandaddy Souf

In his ongoing study of regional rap scenes, hip hop scholar Noz peeks behind the mouse ears into the shadows of the sunshine state.


Hip Hop Pit Stop #4: The Slow And Low Sound Of Memphis’s DJ Spanish Fly

In his never-ending journey through regional rap scenes, hip hop scholar Noz heads to Memphis to meet the slow-and-low, 808-bass wizard DJ Spanish Fly.


Rescued From The Fire #40: Mr. Muthaf***in’ Exquire

The Brooklyn rapper saves a maggot brained MP before his house gets lit.


Hip Hop Pit Stop #3: DC’s Fat Rodney And Fat Trel

In his continuing exploration of local rap scenes, hip hop head Noz finds the underbelly of Chocolate City.


Hip Hop Pit Stop #2.5: Houston And Odd Squad’s Rob Quest

In his prolonged account of Houston history, Noz encounters Odd Squad.


Hip Hop Pit Stop #2: Noz on Houston's Killa Kyleon & Coppertone Conspiracy

In his second stop, rap scholar Noz tells us Houston isn't just about getting screwed.


Hip Hop Pit Stop #1: Noz on Nashville’s Starlito and Blow Pop Crew

Hip hop connoisseur par excellence, Academy lecture host, and blogger behind Cocaine Blunts, Noz visits a different city off the beaten path each month off to discover the backstories behind the beats.


Sadness Hides The Sun: Noz's darkest rap videos

With the Academy over and the post-mortem depression sinking in, it seems only right that the resident rap scholar Andrew Noz would pick 13 of the saddest southern rap songs ever put to wax. Pour a lil' liquor for the crew.


The Mind of Mannie Fresh

Andrew Noz recounts his favourite Mannie moments...