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Members of the House: The Greatest House Music Band That Never Happened

Ashley Zlatopolsky reunites the Motor City group to talk about their brief moment in the spotlight.


Japanese Handcrafted Sound

Danny Masao Winston profiles some of the finest bespoke manufacturers of high-end audio equipment in Japan.


The Artisan: The Inimitable Genius of Tatsuro Yamashita

Tetsuro Yokegawa takes a look back at the Japanese legend’s essential late ’70s and early ’80s albums.


In Search of Les Rallizes Dénudés

Grayson Haver Currin renews the quest to find out more about Japan’s mysterious psych rock group.


The Den: Ron Hardy’s First Year as a DJ

Jacob Arnold details how one of Chicago’s most celebrated DJs found his sound.


Mandré: A Tribute

Nate Patrin explores the career – and enduring influence – of the Masked Marauder.


Young Chicago

A new generation of rappers are emerging from Chicago. Max Bell profiles the up-and-coming talents that are contributing to the Windy City’s hip hop renaissance.


The Rise and Fall of Ray Caviano and RFC Records

The unbelievable story of a disco kingpin responsible for breaking hits by Gino Soccio, A Number of Names, and Rod Stewart.


Interstellar Overdrive: Distal’s Retrograde Space Opera

Outerspace bass dweller and RBMA New York 2013 grad Distal walks us through the atmosphere of some of his favorite tracks from his new album.


Tony Humphries Mastermixes: A Selection by Gerd Janson

The Running Back boss selects some of his favorite Tony Humphries’ mixes.


A Spin on Frequency: A History of Dance Music Radio in Detroit

From Mojo to Lisa Lisa: Ashley Zlatopolsky recounts the rich history of dance music radio in the Motor City.


Abdul Qadim Haqq: 25 Years of Techno Art

The Detroit artist walks us through some of his most famous creations for UR, Planet E, and more.


Alan Oldham: The Art of Techno Futurism

One of Detroit techno’s distinctive visual artists talks about his beginnings with Derrick May and Jeff Mills.


Back To Chill: An Introduction to Tokyo’s Premier Dubstep Event

Hayato Takahashi outlines the key players in one of Tokyo’s most consistent events.


Dubplate Culture: Analogue Islands in the Digital Stream

The era of dubplates is gone. Matthew Bennett writes about its heyday, its demise and what we’re missing as a result.


Real People: Chic in the ’80s

How the storied dance group dealt with the death of disco.


DBS: Tokyo’s Drum & Bass Sessions

A profile of Tokyo’s longest-running bass-oriented night and its tireless founder.


A Guide to Keiji Haino

One of Japan’s most challenging and vital artists, in 15 records.


RIP Style Scott, Roots Radics Drummer

David Katz remembers the famed Jamaican percussionist.


Interview: Masaya Nakahara

The noise musician on his music gear (or lack thereof), writing novels, and experiencing the emptiness and absurdity of life.