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RBMA Radio Picks: Kloke

The Australian-based producer selects some of his favorites from the archive.


RBMA Radio Picks: Phoebe Kiddo

The Australian avant beatmaker dials up some of her favourite shows from our archive.


Gallery: SónarDôme Tokyo

Check some photo highlights from our stage at SónarSound Tokyo this past weekend. And stay tuned for audio highlights coming soon on RBMA Radio.


Interview: Global Communication

Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, better known as Global Communication, talk about their history - from early days producing tracks and the start of their Evolution label, to the reasons behind their numerous aliases.


Mark Pritchard’s Worst Tour Ever

In the mid-90s, Russia partnered with the UK to bring an electronic music show out to Moscow. Things didn’t go so well. Uzis were involved and so was Mark (Global Communication/Africa Hitech/Harmonic 313).


Mark Pritchard

Wind it up and let it go: Universal language with a man of many guises


Africa Hi-Tech: Isms of the Congo Natty Continuum

If you’ve been anywhere near a nightclub within the past two years, you’ll probably have got down to the sounds of Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek aka Africa Hitech. After two storming EP's they're all set to release their formidable first album on Warp.