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beat:repeat NYC: Salva’s Soundtrack

The RBMA alumni talks about the challenges of soundtracking a series about iconic tunes.


beat:repeat NYC: All Episodes

Watch all eight episodes of our series on iconic New York City anthems and the drum machines that underpinned them.


beat:repeat NYC: Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”

Chris Stein on the uncool drum machine that birthed a classic.


beat:repeat NYC: Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon”

The post-riot grrrl group’s Johanna Fateman reveals the pop and punk instincts that went into their masterpiece.


beat:repeat NYC: Afrika Bambaataa’s “Looking for the Perfect Beat”

Producers John Robie and Arthur Baker explain the six-month process that went into making an electro anthem.


beat:repeat NYC: Anthrax’s “I Am The Law”

Anthrax’s Charlie Benante replays a thrash metal classic, and watches as Ninja Tune producer Lee Bannon transforms it into something new entirely.


beat:repeat NYC: Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”

The origin story behind one of the most sampled tunes in hip hop history.


beat:repeat NYC: Suicide’s “Frankie Teardrop”

Suicide’s Martin Rev and Ghostly International’s Xeno and Oaklander meet to discuss and reimagine the proto-punk anthem.


beat:repeat NYC: Peech Boys’ “Don’t Make Me Wait”

The keyboard player for the Peech Boys breaks down the Paradise Garage anthem in the debut episode of our new video series.


Teaser: beat:repeat NYC

An eight-part series that looks at iconic New York City anthems and the drum machines that underpinned them.