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Smalltown Boy: Bronski Beat and The Communards’ Jimmy Somerville

Alfred Soto reflects on the discography of the gay English synth pop vocalist.


Rasta Shook Them Up: Haile Selassie’s Visit to Jamaica

David Katz details the Ethopian leader’s historic 1966 visit to Jamaica – and what it meant for music on the island.


Interview: Monolake on the Importance of Making Mistakes

The German producer takes us on a tour of his discography thus far.


Seven Davis Jr.: The Found Tapes

Funkineven calls him a new Prince, and he’s been co-signed by LA beat prophet Kutmah. Get familiar with a modern day disco alchemist, Seven Davis Jr.


Yé-Yé: An Introduction

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe provides an introduction to the iconic French pop genre of the ’60s.


Interview: Mark Kamins on Danceteria and Early ’80s New York

One year after his death, we present an interview with Mark Kamins – Madonna mentor, Danceteria DJ and versatile producer – conducted by Tim Lawrence.


RIP Nonato Buzar, Brazilian Songwriter and Producer

David Katz highlights the work of an underrated Brazilian songwriter and producer.


Lavender Country: Country Music’s First Openly Gay Album

Patrick Haggerty tells the story of the remarkable 1973 record.


Funk Archaeology: Bassist Robert Rozelle, A True Unsung Hero

Our resident cratedigger pays tribute to the extraordinary bass player Robert Rozelle.


RIP Bunny Rugs, Vocalist of Third World

David Katz remembers the passionate reggae singer.


Psychoacoustics: An Introduction

4DSOUND’s Paul Oomen highlights tracks from Aphex Twin, Steve Reich and Ryoji Ikeda that question how we perceive sound.


Tabla: An Introduction

Rohan Krishnamurthy provides a guided tour of the Indian instrument and its finest practitioners.


Lucy: A Guide to Stroboscopic Artefacts

Italian techno authority and sound designer Lucy tells the story behind his Stroboscopic Artefacts label and its unique sonic outlook.


RIP Arthur Doyle, Freewheeling jazz saxophonist

Jon Dale remembers the enormous passion and energy of a free jazz saxophonist.


RBMA Radio Picks: Somepoe

The versatile Finnish producer picks out some gems from RBMA Radio.


Zamrock: An Introduction

Stephan Szillus explains how the Zambian rock scene came to be – and details its rediscovery by cratedigging reissue labels.


The Truth & Soul Story

Label manager Danny Akalepse details the history and many projects connected with analogue soul revivalists Truth & Soul.


Nightclubbing: Edinburgh’s Pure – Scotland’s Greatest ’90s Night

Ray Philp talks to JD Twitch, Brainstorm and some of the dancers that made Pure one of the most exciting nights in Scottish clubbing history.


Babylon By Bus: DJ Derek’s Grand Finale

David Katz says goodbye to the charismatic reggae and ska selector, dancing the night away at his final show last week in London.


Nightclubbing: Belgrade’s Industria Was The Soundtrack to the Bosnian War in the ’90s

Vuksa Velickovic tells the story of how, as war raged around them, one Serbian club became more and more wild.