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RBMA Radio Picks: Torus

The Dutch beatmaker selects his highlights from the RBMA Radio archives.


Hip Tanaka RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture

The famed video game music composer powers up for an extended chat in Tokyo.


Ben UFO Tokyo 2014 Lecture

The Hessle Audio boss sits down for an extended chat at RBMA Tokyo 2014.


Top 10: Innovative Japanese A/V Works

From Ryoji Ikeda to Daito Manabe, Japan is full of artists pushing the boundaries of audio / visual work.


The Sound of Peace Music Studio

Soichiro Nakamura, You Ishihara, and Shintaro Sakamoto talk about the vaunted studio responsible from Japanese psych landmarks from Boris, Yurayura Teikoku, and Ogre You Asshole.


The Human Sized Synthesizer

RBMA and Rhizomatiks teamed up to produce an enormous, playable synthesizer as part of the Academy in Tokyo earlier this month.


Key Tracks: Vapourspace’s “Gravitational Arch of 10”

We chat with Mark Gage about his proto-trance classic.


Gallery: RBMA x Club To Club Festival 2014

Photo highlights from the Academy Stage in Turin featuring Ben UFO, Fatima Al Qadiri, Kelela, Tiger & Woods and more.


Top 10: Japanese Punk / Hardcore Bands

A handful of the most influential punk and hardcore groups to emerge from the island country.


RBMA Tokyo: Animated Comics

DOOM, Can, DJ KRUSH, Isao Tomita - The complete series of RBMA online comics.


Weightless: Mumdance and Logos

The two UK producers are starting a new label with a new sound. Angus Finlayson profiles the burgeoning movement they’re calling Weightless.


Interview: Anime soundtracker Yoko Kanno on Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus, and More

A rare, in-depth interview with the legendary Japanese composer and producer.


The Best of the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo

Check out some of the highlights from our four weeks in Tokyo.


Future Instruments

We asked 13 artists, musicians, designers and futurists, including Tyler The Creator, Jeff Mills, and Konstanin Grcic to imagine what an instrument would be 200 years from now. These are the results.


Isao Tomita: Switched On

The fourth in our series of animated online comics features the Japanese synth maestro.


Roland By The Numbers

Phil Moffa goes in-depth on some of the instrument manufacturers’ most famous machines.


Isao Tomita Tokyo 2014 Lecture

The Japanese synth pioneer recounts just a few of the highlights from his lengthy career.


Top 10: Uio Loi’s J-Pop Picks

2014 participant and Japanese music enthusiast Uio Loi selects some of his favorite J-pop from the ’80s.


Top 10: Boredoms Side Projects

Tucker Phillips runs down just a few of the groups the indefatigable Japanese psych band has been a part of.


A Guide to Boredoms

A definitive overview of the pioneering and inscrutable Japanese psych legends.