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How Montreal Became Disco’s Second City

Will Straw examines why the Canadian metropolis was such a hotbed for disco during the ’60s and ’70s.


Interview: Matt E. Silver on Illbient, NYC Nightlife and the Biggest Bong in the World

Laurent Fintoni chats with the outspoken promoter about the ’90s in New York.


Detuning the City: An Oral History of Illbient

For a brief moment in the ’90s, anything seemed possible. Artists, musicians and designers in New York City were creating together, and a new genre – eventually dubbed illbient – was born.


Interview: Rich Panciera, AKA Lloop, on Illbient

The We™ member talks about the New York scene in the ’90s.


Interview: The Awesome 2 on LL Cool J, The Real Roxanne, and Hip Hop’s Early Days

Rap radio royalty Special K and Teddy Ted reminisce about hip hop’s earliest days.


Stressed: The Life & Art of Matt Reid

Michael Gonzales remembers the stunning work of the artist known as Matt Doo.


It’s a South East London Ting: Mo Kolours, Paul White and More

Laurent Fintoni profiles the crew of producers centred around Mo Kolours and Paul White making some of the most exciting beat music of the past few years.


Interview: Nicky Siano on Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and The Gallery

The legendary DJ tells the tale of his famed ’70s nightspot The Gallery: witnessing the beginning of disco and beyond.


Interview: Godfrey Diamond on Andrea True’s “More, More, More” ... And More

The producer behind the disco classic, as well as Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby, talks about his long and winding career.


Interview: Josh Marcy on His Mindblowing Thai Psych Field Recording Adventure

What drove 37 year-old Josh Marcy to fly from the US to Thailand to record a band? A few YouTube videos.


Wild Style Breaks: The Untold Story

Phillip Mlynar tells the story behind the re-release of the soundtrack to the most iconic hip hop movie in history.


Key Tracks: Janet Kay’s “Silly Games”

David Katz on the classic lovers rock tune.


Five Prog Records From Jameszoo’s Discogs Want List

The Dutch collector reveals a few pieces of prog vinyl he’s lusting after.


Interview: Numero Group on Syl Johnson, Capsoul, and Dinosaur Jr.

Two of the owners behind the renowned reissue label talk shop.


Gallery: Dekmantel Festival 2014

A selection of images from our stage at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam.


Best Music Journalism: July 2014

This month’s round-up includes the Bee Gees, Bob Marley and more.


Event Guide: Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014

A comprehensive guide to our month-long series of Japan-inspired concerts, club nights and talks that blend music, art and culture.


Interview: Arthur Brown on Jimi Hendrix and The First Drum Machine

The God of Hellfire: Arthur Brown chronicles his blazing path through the history of psych rock’s most infernal chapters.


Interview: Death Waltz’s Spencer Hickman on Soundtracks, Art, and Reissue Culture

A chat with Spencer Hickman, the man behind the world’s spookiest soundtrack and reissue label.


The Roots of Techno: Detroit’s Club Scene 1973 - 1985

The forgotten history of the clubs and DJs that helped birth Detroit techno.