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Academy Year 2011

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Hometown New York City


Madrid 2011

Daniel Lopatin goes down the rabbit hole regarding the fantastical realms of music

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When information in fiction is presented in a concise prosaic way, it is termed an “information dump”.[example needed][6] A type of information dump goes under the term As you know, Bob or idiot lecture: This is when the characters tell each other things they obviously already know, for expository reasons.[7][8] 



“all folk songs are forgeries. all songs have been subject to
individual readings and interpretations and as an oral survival, the
folk canon must have been subjected to hundreds and thousands of these
rereadings over time.”

-ewan maccoll


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Rescued From The Fire #16: Oneohtrix Point Never

In this week's episode, we hear from the experimental synthesizer wizard Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never / Ford & Lopatin).
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Cold Fuzion: Oneohtrix Point Never and Nate Boyce's top 10 fusion jams

Oneohtrix Point Never and video-artist Nate Boyce pick 10 highlights from the world of fusion jams. Break out the Synth-Axe.
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Interview: Oneohtrix Point Never

Daniel Lopatin goes down the rabbit hole of sound.
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