Berlin 1999

Miss Djax Querkant

The second edition of RBMA was held once again in Berlin. This time though, up-and-coming DJs and music-makers from eight European countries were invited as participants. Each of them attended the Academy for one of two fortnight-long residencies, where they were able to exchange knowledge and learn from pioneers in lectures and studio sessions. The guest speakers and tutors included the UK’s Norman Jay MBE, influential tastemaker behind the long-running Good Times Soundsystem and Talkin’ Loud label; Motor City techno hero Claude Young; producer, composer and Brighton techno originator Cristian Vogel; and legendary Filipino-American turntablist Q-Bert of Invisibl Skratch Piklz, all taking participants behind the scenes of the most important music of our times.


For our program of lectures in Berlin, we invited a mix of visionary contemporary DJs and producers alongside the pioneering artists whose music still resonates so powerfully. Among them were pivotal figures in German music, from Mayday founder and techno prophet Westbam to influential hip-hop producer and crate-digger Marc Hype. Other guest speakers included California native and Stones Throw label head Peanut Butter Wolf, with producer and DJ Romes; rhythm scientist Danny Breaks, whose trippy instrumental hip-hop influenced many in the international beats scene; French house royalty DJ Deep; Miss Djax, founder of the uncompromising Dutch techno and acid label Djax Records; renowned reggae DJ David Rodigan; iconic ghettotech producers DJ Assault and Mr De’; and house pioneer Jesse Saunders.


Wulf Gaebele and a participant Querkant

60 participants traveled to Berlin from across Europe for the 1999 Academy, contributing their unique talents and representing diverse musical styles. They hailed from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, England, Poland, Holland and Belgium. After hearing lectures and working in the studios by day, come evening they headed out to sample an array of forward-thinking music at Berlin clubs like Tresor and Knaack.

Dairmount / Johan Nico Becker / Jens Christen / Krystof Dobracki / Break 3000 / Bruno Hausner jr. / Max Kalis / Branislav Kovac / Daniel Magg / Dylan O’Mahony / Krzysztof Pucitowski / Aliah Sarkis / Daniel Schwingenschlägl / Christian Miguel Strubel / Matous Vlcek / Sebastian Wisbar / Robot Koch / Marvin Binderhagel / Melanie Constein / Daniel Doyle / Marc Gilgien / Regina Höllerl / Aidan Kelly / Jakub Kriz / Dermot McCabe / Paul O’Donoghue / Andreas Rhomberg / Andreas Schmid / Patrik Senatore / Dave Storm / Christopher Wallner / Anja Wolf / Bibianna Baron / Celine Brunner / Thomas Degroote / Katja Dürer / DJ Beatbetrieb / Jonathan Hussey / Andreas Kersten / Igor Kratochvil / Steph Morris / Tomasz Obuchowicz / Sabine Roethig / Gregory Schmid / Arthur Simon / Jason Turton / Thilo Wierzewski / David Zahn / Krystian Batyjewski / Michal Bures / Gerhardt Derksen / Sven Ellingen / Yasmina Haddad / Jeroen Joly / Ldopa / Jan Kvasnicka / Oliver Neels / Pawel Pindera / Tomek Romanowicz / Christian Schulze von Hanxleden / Viktor Slavik / Johan Venschueren / Gavin Wilson / Sabine von Wegen


The Academy Space

For the second edition of RBMA, we utilized the same headquarters as for the first edition: a roomy warehouse in Friedrichshain in the former East Berlin, not far from the socialist boulevard Karl-Marx-Allee and the castle-like Oberbaum Bridge. Once again, the lecture hall was populated with comfy vintage armchairs and sofas, the equipment room was filled with stacks of gear both boxfresh and vintage and the courtyard was used as a laid-back eating area and canteen, with wooden bierbank picnic tables.

Lounge Querkant
Lecture hall Querkant

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