20 Years of RBMA Lectures

20 Years of RBMA Lectures

On April 5th, 1998, the very first Red Bull Music Academy lecture took place in Berlin, with techno pioneer Jeff Mills sitting on the couch to dispense wisdom earned throughout his trailblazing career. Over the 20 years since, RBMA lectures have expanded to include all manner of inspiring music-makers around the world, from well-known artists to behind-the-scenes legends. But whether they’re a household name or a quiet influence, RBMA lecturers represent an unparalleled source of musical knowledge and universal inspiration across genre and generation.

In the above short film, released to coincide with RBMA’s 20th anniversary, we present just a handful of lecture highlights from throughout the Academy’s two decades, with plenty more emotional moments, laughter and life lessons available via the extensive and ever-growing archive.

Join us in Berlin in September 2018 for the Academy’s 20th anniversary edition, as we return to the city where it all began and continue to celebrate music’s past, present and future.

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Academy Lectures By Year

Academy Photo Highlights

Berlin 1998

Berlin participants with Many Ameri and Torsten Schmidt Querkant - Foto Grafik Webdesign
The first RBMA lecturer, Jeff Mills Querkant - Foto Grafik Webdesign
Grand Wizard Theodore Querkant - Foto Grafik Webdesign

Berlin 1999

Jesse Saunders Querkant - Foto Grafik Webdesign

Dublin 2000

Workshop with Dave Smith Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy

New York 2001

Anthony Blasko
Alex Rosner Paul Murphy
Mel Cheren Paul Murphy

London 2002

Bernd Ott
Bernd Ott
Equipment room Bernd Ott

São Paulo 2002

James Gadson Carol Quintanilha
Frank Booker and Branko on the hunt Carol Quintanilha

Cape Town 2003

Bob Moog David Bloomer
Hugh Masekela and Black Coffee David Bloomer

Rome 2004

RBMA in Rome: A former monastery encircling a 15th century courtyard Ignazio Nano
David Matthews Ignazio Nano

Seattle 2005

ArRange, an RBMA event which brought renowned arrangers together with their modern day counterparts and a symphonic orchestra Robin Laananen
Leon Ware Robin Laananen
Leon Ware Robin Laananen

Melbourne 2006

Steve Spacek, Marshmello Blackbird, Aloe Blacc, Larry Mizell and Wally Badarou Rachel Perry
Flying Lotus Rachel Perry
Just Blaze Daniel Mahon

Toronto 2007

Matt Barnes

Barcelona 2008

RBMA took over a former fabric factory called Fabra i Coats Pere Masramon
Sly and Robbie Lander Larrañaga

London 2010

Bobbies reading the Daily Note newspaper Thomas Butler
Flying Lotus lecture Thomas Butler
Camo, Axel Boman and Venice Dan Wilton

Madrid 2011

Erykah Badu Gianfranco Tripodo

New York 2013

The Do-Over Anthony Blasko
Kieran Hebden Dan Wilton
Daily Note newspaper, distributed at NYC subway stops Anthony Blasko

Tokyo 2014

SIA building Dan Wilton
Kerri Chandler, on the studio team Yusaku Aoki
Improv-themed show led by EYヨ of seminal noise rock group Boredoms and pioneering avant-gardist Otomo Yoshihide So Hasegawa
Lubomyr Melnyk at Hakuju Hall Suguru Saito
Dan Wilton

Paris 2015

Cerrone Sarah Bastin
Laurie Anderson Sarah Bastin
Paris Musique Club Jacob Khrist

Montréal 2016

Dans les Abysses featuring Dopplereffekt, DJ Stingray and many more Dan Wilton
Jam & Lewis Maria Jose Govea
Québec Électrique: Montréal Discoville Trung Dung Nguyen
Lunice at Turbo Crunk Karel Chladek

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